Colloidal Silver Facts

Learn about the benefits and methods to make your own colloidal silver

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What is Colloidal Silver (CS) Ag+ - H20 ?

According, to Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 24th Edition, a colloid is "A state of matter in which the matter is dispersed in or distributed throughout some medium called the dispersion medium. The matter thus dispersed is called the disperse phase of the colloid system. The particles of the disperse phase are larger than the ordinary crystalloid molecule, but not large enough to settle out under the influence of gravity."

This website is designed simply so that you can navigate and gain information quickly. We don't sell colloidal silver or generators, but do have links to those that do. Providing links to products and services at other websites does not imply an endorsement. Have fun in your adventure with colloidal silver.

Within this website colloidal silver (CS) refers to "isolated ionized silver particles sized at between .0003 - .05 microns in diameter, which, in original state, are not bound to any other elements, are suspended in a pure steam-distilled water solution, and are not stabilized in any manner through use of proteins, salts, or other substances."

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