Colloidal Silver

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What is Colloidal Silver (CS)?

According, to Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 24th Edition, a colloid is "A state of matter in which the matter is dispersed in or distributed throughout some medium called the dispersion medium. The matter thus dispersed is called the disperse phase of the colloid system. The particles of the disperse phase are larger than the ordinary crystalloid molecule, but not large enough to settle out under the influence of gravity."

This website is designed simply so that you can navigate and gain information quickly. We don't sell colloidal silver or generators, but do have links to those that do. Providing links to products and services at other websites does not imply an endorsement. Have fun in your adventure with colloidal silver.

Within this website colloidal silver (CS) refers to "isolated ionized silver particles sized at between .0003 - .05 microns in diameter, which, in original state, are not bound to any other elements, are suspended in a pure steam-distilled water solution, and are not stablized in any manner through use of proteins, salts, or other substances."

My testimony

Colloidal Silver Facts and Falacies

Update: August, 2013. Wow!, it's been, OVER 15 YEARS! with no serious illness: no pneumonia, no bronchitis, no chronic sinusitis, no nothing! See that little SilverGen SG6 at the top of the page? It's been making CS for me for years now. When I retired from Oregon OSHA back in 2006 I had so much sick time saved up (1200 hours), it was ridiculous. My family and friends get upset with me because I never get sick. I try to tell them, but hey, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make'm drink. A little spritz of CS up my nose twice a day does the trick for me! A couple of penny's worth of CS a month is all it takes. More...

The ultimate colloidal silver website!

What is Colloidal Silver. All about the chemistry and physical properties of Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver in the News. Check out the latest news about colloidal silver. Be careful "media accuracy" is an oxymoron!

Claims by the Promoters of Colloidal Silver. You'll read about the many claims made by those who promote (and sell) Colloidal Silver.

How to Make Colloidal Silver. Read about how you can make colloidal silver. It's very simple.

Claims by the Detractors of Colloidal Silver. Read about the claims by Quackwatch and others. Something fishy here.

What about the cosmetic effect known as "Argyria"?. Read about a cosmetic effect if you don't make CS correctly.

Research on the uses of Colloidal Silver. Learn what the research on Colloidal Silver has concluded.

Testimonies, Testimonies, Testimonies!. Yes, anecdotal evidence isn't proof, but it's very convincing.

Email Your Testimony! Read mine and submit yours. If you have a story about how Colloidal Silver has helped you, your friends or family, or your pets, please send it to CSFacts and we will include it in our testimonies pages.

FDA and FTC Action The Food and Drug Administration requires "proof" about colloidal silver, but does it really have the same standards when it comes to approving those dangerous drugs that are being recalled at an alarming rate. Frankly, I think we need to follow the money.

Books About Colloidal Silver and Related Topics More books are coming out. Read up!

Read about incorporating colloidal silver into clay pots to purify water in the third world!
Thirst Aid
Potters for Peace.

Patents Related to Colloidal SilverVery interesting patent information on how Colloidal Silver is used to kill various bad bugs!

Colloidal Silver Manufacturers. Why pay outrageous prices for Colloidal Silver when you can make your own!

What about Argyria?If you don't prepare and use Colloidal Silver correctly, you might become a smurf.

Yahoo Discussion Group. An ongoing discussion with others who make and use Colloidal Silver.

The Big Challenge!Can anyone "prove" Colloidal Silver is dangerous to our health?

Bolen Report The Bolen Report is the archive for the infamous "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters.

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